Mississippi wedding photography

Mississippi wedding photography

People love barn weddings. Over the past several years this venue choice just continues to grow. But why are they so popular?

Its certainly not because of cost. Maybe in the past some rural communities used real barns as an inexpensive place that people could get married and hold all of their guests. But recently staged barns have been built all over the country with the purpose of being wedding and reception venues. They look like barns on the outside, but the inside has high ceilings, exposed beams, and chandeliers. These barns have never housed any hay or livestock. They are decorated with vintage couches, lanterns, and wooden barrels.

Social media platforms like Pinterest are definitely a factor. Brides to be can pin all their pictures and ideas to their board and share it with others. There are so many images of mason jars wrapped in burlap, chalkboards with funny phrases, and glass bottles filled with candles or wildflowers. Plenty of ideas with do it yourself potential. Looking at these pictures give people a romantic or whimsical feeling.

One factor may be the times. The amount people spend on weddings continues to increase. Millennials wait longer to get married and want their wedding to say something about them. Maybe they are the outdoors type or like the casual feeling a barn gives. They tend to shy away from formal and stuffy. For them its more about everyone getting together to share the experience with them in a comfortable setting.

People are extremely busy now and constantly on the go. Especially in big cities. So sometimes its nice to go out and get married in the country where time seems to pass a little slower and people can relax from their hurried lifestyles.