Engagement Session at The Gin at Rasberry Greene, Soso MS

Engagement Session at The Gin at Rasberry Greene, Soso MS

Matthew & Molly Kate’s Engagement Session at The Gin at Rasberry Greene, Soso , MS

Photography: Jen & Chuck Photography

Location: Rasberry Greene, Soso, Mississippi

Matthew and Molly Kate were such a sweet couple that we needed to highlight this session in its own post.  Their late summer wedding in the towering pines of The Gin at Rasberry Greene is going to be an absolute site to see.

Sweet couple in the golden light that flowed through the pines at Rasberry Greene
This loving couple chose a brilliant location for their wedding, and the owners were very welcoming in letting us use the venue for Molly Kate and Matthews engagement session.
Compilation images of a fantastic couple at Rasberry Greene
These two had such a wonderful chemistry together, it was hard to not take beautiful images.
Jen & Chuck Photography | Country Weddings
Holding hands in the tree line.

Sweet Couple at Raspberry Greene

Jen & Chuck Photography | Wedding Photographers
Even the driveway at this amazing venue was a great setting for this adorable couple.
Rasberry Greene | Jen & Chuck Photography
The owners of Rasberry Greene showed us this antique couch they had just acquired and we knew we had to incorporate it in some way, and we’re pretty sure that it worked.

Football Ring Shot

Showing off the Packers Jerseys
Molly Kate and Matthew sporting their Greenbay Jerseys that she got for the occasion, however, they are sure to get plenty of use.  Their mutual love of the Greenbay Packers could be credited for how they met and are now to be married.  If it wasn’t for a profile picture of Molly Kate showing off her Greenbay jersey, Matthew may have never introduced himself.
Jen and Chuck Photography | Football engagement session
Our Story Begins 9-16-17
Engagement Session at Rasberry Greene
Breathtaking golden light washed over this couple during their photo shoot to make spectacular images.
Jen & Chuck Photography | Mississippi Wedding Photographers
Rasberry Greene is a beautiful rustic chic event area.

Jen & Chuck Photography | Soso Wedding Photography

Molly Kate and Matthew giving each other Eskimo kisses by the fire.Jen & Chuck Photography | Barn Weddings

Snuggled by the Fire | Jen & Chuck Photography
Snuggled so tight by the fire, this sweet couple was just enjoying being close to one another.

This is where we have to take a second to talk about the owners at Rasberry Greene.  Mrs Lauren and Mr Donnie were so incredibly nice.  Not only did they let us come do this shoot, but they were around to make sure we were accommodated with what ever we needed.  Did I mention it was a Sunday evening, on their day off, after they had hosted a wedding the previous day.  Mr Donnie even took the time to build us a fire to use during the shoot.

We can’t wait for September 16th to role around!

Location: 179 Bernis Hill Rd, Soso, MS 39480.