About Us

There are days in your lifetime that stand out: your graduation, your wedding, the birth of your children, anniversaries. Each day is built on some unique connection you have made with another person. Your wedding day stands out! How do two people come to the place where they want to share their lives together? People meet each other every day without the same cataclysmic bond evolving. Somehow when you find your betrothed, that’s just what happened. Though you come from different places with different experiences, there is some level of connection that spans beyond anything else.

It’s this connection that Jen and Chuck specialize in.  They are able to meet with the new couples and pinpoint those special moments of connection that they share. Their first goal with a new client is to get to know them- how they speak to each other beyond words, how they interact, how they show through actions their deep love and commitment to each other. Their expertise is that they have the eyes to see these moments and record them for ages. It’s those pictures that create memories to invest in. Imagine looking back in ten, twenty, even thirty years from now and seeing that one special day when you were first joined together as a couple.

Jen and Chuck are photographers that specializes in capturing the moments of love that connect couples headed for the altar. Their service includes a one-on-one consultation with both Jen and Chuck. Together they pinpoint your story from the beginning. It helps us to truly create the wedding package that is customized to your story. Engagement sessions are included in most packages.  The story begins in a setting you choose. It could be the location where you first got engaged or it could be a frequented place where your relationship grew. It even may be the place where you first met! The purpose is to create the visual introduction and build the story for a lifetime.